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Magical Mondays

How many times have you said I am going to start that thing on Monday? I think we have all done this, and probably more than once! What is magical about Monday? In our brains we think that the beginning part of the week means a fresh start, but what happens if we keep putting it off every Monday. It could be weeks or months until we start something if we have to wait for that Monday.

Here is a thought to switch the pattern.

Instead of trying to change something massive on a Monday, what about changing something small? For example, instead of running the dishwasher and waiting till I run out of dishes to unload it, I will now see the light when complete and put them away.

Change is about doing. Part of change is thinking about it and having pre-contemplation of your next move; however, the actual change is in the DOING of the thing. How about we start small this week and pick one item you try to avoid in your daily routines and complete it immediately. I will commit to putting laundry away after it is done in the dryer- who else is with me on this one (I know I can't be alone of letting it sit in the dryer or in the laundry basket)

One small change can accumulate into less avoidance and procrastination and more movement.

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