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Specializing in a variety of Therapies including
Anxiety and Depression
Couples Counseling and Group Therapy
in the Bay Area

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Therapy For Adults

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You're hiding your pain inside yourself.

  • You're lonely and cannot connect and belong.

  • You need to get better at managing your behavior, thoughts and feelings.

  • You struggle with common mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, bipolar, BPD or other possible disorders).

  • Substance abuse, whether acknowledged or not.

  • You are a survivor of sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or other trauma.

These are things we can confidently help you manage or fix.

"You can have peace. If you want it."

- John Lennon

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Therapy for
Teens and Parents

Parents must take care of themselves too.

All adults have problems.  When those problems include your child's problems, it can be terrifying for parents. When combined with other issues things can become unmanageable.

Help yourself to help your child:

  • Get your own support when you need it

  • Learn about teens and parenting

  • Know that help is there for you too...

Couples Counseling and
Marriage Therapy

Relationships that thrive don't just happen. They are created and lovingly nourished with hard work and understanding.

Sometimes that hard work can be augmented with couples therapy.  

In couples therapy, we carefully reinforce each partner's commitment and understanding.  You can learn to see through your partner's eyes, and know that your partner shares that same level of empathy for you.


Couples therapy shouldn't be verbal combat with a referee; we don't do that. It's a thoughtful exploration of what is truly important and how the basis of conflict can be understood, anticipated, and managed.

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Group Therapy

Changing behavior and understanding

Clinicians listen, learn, diagnose, teach and solve problems. Beyond understanding, there is practice, perspective, and real-time feedback on changes. We do this with groups.

Groups help with internalizing skills and new perspectives through feedback and practice. That's best with behavioral learning, trauma processing, and management of symptoms.

Think of it this way.  If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle you can read books, jump on a bike, crash and never do it again.  Or you can take a class with instructor and group, learn through doing, and love it forever.

Kids have all the problems adults have.... and a few more.

Their bodies and brains are rapidly changing. The social, emotional, and performance demands placed on them are not apparent to parents.

Watch and get help with:

  • Risky behavior

  • Interpersonal behavior problems

  • Withdrawal and escapism from family or social environments

  • Self-sabotaging behavior

  • Irritability

  • Volatility

  • Self-harm

NEW! Online Wellness Courses On Demand:

Image of a woman’s head with overlay of purple and blue colored clouds

Ketamine: The Science and Spirit of Psychedelic Healing

Linnea Butler, LMFT and Founder of Bay Area Mental Health presents a 60 min on demand webinar about ketamine psychotherapy and it's use in facilitating healing and transformation 

Large hands surrounding small hands holding a red heart

When Someone You Love Was Sexually Abused: A Class for Partners

An 8 week online course for abuse survivors and the people who love them presented by Sandy Kong, LMFT

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