How we help


Work Interview
Intake Session

Fee: $225

Duration: 75 minutes

This fee is payable at the end of the session if the client chooses to continue with services (free trial session).

All intake forms must be complete and submitted electronically 24 hours before the session begins.


Intake Session

Psychology Patient
Regular Session

Fee: $185

Duration: 50 minutes

This fee is payable at the start of each session.


Regular Session


Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy Session

Fee: $278

Duration: 75 minutes

This fee is payable at the start of each session.


Let's Kickstart The Love


Group Therapy
DBT Therapy Session

Fee: $120

Duration: 120 minutes

All sessions within a DBT module are payable at the start of the first session of each module.



(Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Support Groups
Survivors Therapy Session

Fee: $85

Duration: 90 minutes

All sessions are payable up front at the start of the first session.


Sexual Assault

(Women Only)


We do not accept insurance for direct payment. You are responsible for paying all service bills at the start of each individual and couples session.  Group services are paid upfront for all sessions in each module.


We support clients with the administration of insurance claims by submitting bills on your behalf to your insurance provider. Many of our clients enjoy this complimentary service, as they don’t have to deal with the paperwork and get reimbursed much faster by their insurance company.


Please check with your insurance company to determine your out-of-network benefits. Please note that most insurance plans do not cover services provided by pre-licensed therapists.