Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a relatively new and innovative psychiatric/psychological treatment approach, involving the combination of ketamine administration in a safe and supportive “set and setting.” This combination can accelerate the process of growth and change by opening up the mind and facilitating neuroplasticity. The exact nature of the treatment process varies depending on the particular problems being treated and the specific individual’s needs and goals.


KAP is a unique approach to psychotherapy, and applies the medicine ketamine within an extended psychotherapy session that is inner-directed and supportive,  combined with and ongoing integration.

Ketamine has the ability to produce a disconnection from our usual way of feeling and experiencing. At low doses given during a therapy session, this influence produces shifts in consciousness such as expanded states of awareness, novel ways of viewing life concerns, and freedom from the worries and anxieties of our ordinary mind-states. KAP offers real-time reflection on this experience to enhance growth and change.

Ketamine may, at times, facilitate psychedelic experiences such as expanded consciousness, and spiritual connection. These characteristics are similar to other psychedelic drugs that have been used successfully in psychotherapy sessions to reduce pain and distress. However, ketamine is currently the only legally available medication that may produce a psychedelic effect. 

KAP begins with a psychological assessment performed by a BAMH clinician, as as well as a medical assessment with a collaborating psychiatrist. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for KAP, there will be a preparation session, and then extended KAP sessions followed by integration sessions. We offer both in person and virtual KAP sessions.

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