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Existential Psychotherapy

Image by Joshua Earle

Existential therapy typically deals with people in what is called a restricted existence. They have a limited awareness of themselves and the nature of their problems. They see few options available to them and feel helpless or trapped.

The goal of existential therapy is to help the client understand their subjective world view and to help them come to new understandings with new options. We help the client become fully aware of their feelings and actions in the present, confront their anxiety, and develop a more genuine relationship with themselves and with the world around them.

Existential therapy does not use a defined, systematic approach. Therefore, it must be applied by a therapist who is mature, experienced, and well trained

Existential therapy is more of a way of thinking than a neatly defined model with specific techniques. It is a philosophical approach to therapy that assumes we are free to choose and are responsible for our choices. Existential therapy asks questions like, 'Why am I here?', 'What is my purpose?', and 'Who am I?'

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