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Coaching and Consultation
for Clinicians and Practice Owners

🌟 Welcome to Your Path to Thriving Practice! 🌟


Are you a therapist or a practice owner striving to elevate your practice to new heights? Do you dream of a successful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding therapy practice? Look no further - our tailored coaching and consulting services are designed just for you!

Why Choose Us?

✨ Expert Guidance: Our team comprises seasoned therapists and successful practice owners with years of experience in the field. We understand the nuances of the therapy industry, and we know what it takes to succeed.

✨ Customized Strategies: We recognize that every practice is unique. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your specific challenges and aspirations. Together, we'll create a customized roadmap to success tailored to your individual needs.

✨ Business Growth: Our proven strategies will help you attract more clients, increase revenue, and optimize your business operations. From marketing tactics to financial planning, we cover it all, ensuring your practice not only survives but thrives in today's competitive market.

✨ Clinical Excellence: We don’t just focus on the business side. We also provide guidance to enhance your clinical skills, ensuring you provide the highest quality of care to your clients. This holistic approach sets us apart from the rest.

✨ Community and Support: Join a thriving community of therapists and practice owners. Share experiences, gain insights, and network with like-minded professionals. Our supportive community will be with you every step of the way.

What We Offer:

  1. Practice Assessment: A comprehensive analysis of your current practice to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

  2. Business Strategy: Personalized strategies to attract more clients, increase revenue, and optimize your business operations.

  3. Marketing Mastery: Proven marketing techniques to boost your online presence, attract your ideal clients, and establish your authority in the industry.

  4. Financial Planning: Sound financial advice to ensure your practice's stability and growth, including budgeting, pricing strategies, and revenue management.

  5. Clinical Excellence: Workshops, training, and resources to enhance your therapeutic skills and provide the best possible care to your clients.

  6. Ongoing Support: Regular coaching sessions, webinars, and a supportive community to keep you motivated, accountable, and on track toward your goals.


Invest in Your Success!

Your thriving practice is just a click away. Don’t let challenges hold you back – let us be your partners in success. Join us today and transform your practice into a thriving, fulfilling, and financially rewarding venture.

🚀 Ready to Transform Your Practice? Let’s Get Started! 🚀


"Before I consulted with Linnea I thought I had only a few options when it came to running my Group Private Practice. Reduce staff salaries, close our practice, file for bankruptcy or see more clients personally just to make ends meet. I rarely paid myself. This was on top of everything else that felt unbelievably overwhelming. Linnea helped me understand our Profit and Loss statements. She helped me see significant discrepancies in our books. She informed me of standard practices and policies. She helped me navigate ending relationships with people that were hurting our practice. She coached me through all of it.  She understood what I was going through. She validated my experience in the most supportive way possible. Her time in this business, her time as a therapist, and her time as a leader gave me so much comfort in knowing that we could make it through this very difficult period in our practice. As of today, we are growing, we are turning a profit, and finally getting out of the weeds. As a new practice owner I finally feel like I have a mentor. I am so grateful. *** SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BOOK AN APPOINTMENT***"


Natasha Kruger Coaching adn Consultation

Clinical Consultation
with Dr. Natasha Kruger

Strengthen your Clinical Confidence with Complex Cases

  • Navigating difficult ethical issues

  • Case conceptualization

  • Effectively managing and utilizing countertransference

  • Complex Trauma and Highly Sensitive People

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Somatic Psychotherapy and Neuroaffective Touch

Clinical Consultation & Coaching 
with Founder Linnea Butler, LMFT

Learn new approaches, receive feedback and how to grow!

  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy 

  • Trauma and Complex Cases

  • Industry-leading techniques

  • Starting your own solo practice

  • Starting your own group practice

  • Launching Therapy Groups

Linnea Butler Coaching
Melissa Maitrei Coaching
Melissa pic 2.png

Executive & Leadership Coaching 
with Melissa Maitre, CEO

Learn to lead differently, identify goals, receive feedback, outline a path forward

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Medication Assisted Treatment guidance.

  • CARF Assistance for 3 year accreditation.

  • Practice Management

  • Process Optimization 

  • Optimizing human resources 

Team Coaching Package with Melissa and Linnea

Not sure which direction to go and would like a team approach from BAMH leadership?


$1100: Five Coaching sessions for the price of Four!

  • Get both Clinical and Growth in package deal

  • Learn to balance your personal life and growing a business.

  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

  • Communicate Effectively

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