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What's Your Word for 2023?

Welcome to 2023!

Are you an intention setter, a resolution maker or a casual observer of these traditions? Personally, I have always found the concept of yearly resolutions to be restrictive. It just feels too much like another “should” or “should not”. I prefer to extend an invitation or to set an intention to help guide my choices. Then I meditate on that invitation or intention periodically, letting it gently simmer in my mind and heart.

Last year I chose the word SURRENDER for my intention and I reflected on that concept through the year. I found that the meaning and significance of the word deepened and shifted and gained new meaning. Do you have a ritual or process that is similar? If not, let’s try it and see how it works for you!

Sit down with paper and pen and brainstorm words that are meaningful for you or that call to you in some way. It may be things that you want more of in your life or it may be a concept that you want to better understand. Don’t edit yourself, just keep writing until it feels complete. Then let the list of words roll around in your mind until you find the one that calls to the deepest part of you. There is no urgency, so let it take whatever time it needs to come to you. That may be moments, days or weeks.

Once you have chosen your word (or allowed it to choose you), write it down somewhere and tuck it away for later reflection. If you like, send me a note and I can be your virtual accountability partner! I will even share the word I have chosen for 2023 if you are curious.

So then, whenever you are ready, what is your word?

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