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The Obstacle is The Path

There is no getting around it - life can be tough. Really tough. Sometimes it feels like we're constantly hitting roadblocks and facing obstacles that we just can't seem to overcome. But what if I told you that those obstacles can actually be a good thing?

There is a Zen proverb that I have come to cherish for the deep wisdom within its apparent simplicity...

The Obstacle Is the Path

Challenges in life can sometimes feel like they are breaking us down. But what if they are breaking us open? If we face and embrace our challenges, then we can sometimes find a great learning within.

Some of you know that I struggle with some health issues. I can't say I was super happy about that, but in hindsight it has slowed me down and allowed me to explore areas of personal development that I had previously neglected. So was it a bad thing or was it a good thing? We can choose our view. I choose to see the growth.

When we pivot our thoughts, we can learn to seeing obstacles not as something to be feared, but rather as opportunities for growth and development.

This is true in therapy also. Therapy is HARD and it takes tremendous courage to face our pain. But in facing it we grow and learn to leave old ways if being behind us and learn new ways of living our best lives.

I will leave you with a story, a Buddhist Koan about a farmer. Did he have god luck or bad luck? Who is to say for sure. I hope you enjoy it!

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