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Sum Sum Summertime!

It's officially Summertime!!!! Who is ready to have fun?!?!?! I still think as kid this was the best time of the year as it seemed all schedules seemed to stop, no sense of time and you could play outside all summer with your friends. Why does this stop as an adult? Unfair, am I right?!

Maybe this doesn’t have to be the Summer of just another season change. I am not telling you to quit your job, but what if we approached this season differently. 🤔

What can you do differently this Summer to have some fun? Is it meeting friends for dinner versus going home alone, is it going to the park to listen to a summer concert, going to the beach, reading a good book, meeting with a book club... I could keep going!

What is your idea of fun and feeling fulfilled?

I challenge you to live outside of your normal routine and find something extra that makes you feel great. You will notice the difference it has on your outlook for the following week or day.

Please tell me about your adventure!

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