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Blessing or Burden

I know you love a good story, so here is one from the other day: I went to the grocery store and it was pretty uneventful until it was time to check out. I picked the shortest line there was and began to get flustered as I was the 7th cart back or so. I was looking around thinking about all of the things I needed to get done and how the line needed to get moving. I grew more and more flustered with the situation, so I decided to check out what was happening on social media to waste time. After the 5th video or message I read- I looked up and still no progress in the line. Ugh!!!

Then I paused.

I stood there and really started to look around me. I started to change the script in my head for the situation I was in. It was a blessing not a burden! I am able to afford the food I was buying, the things on my list really were not priority but things to do, I could complete a meditation while I waited. This is just a one example of how some of the situations we are in may feel like a burden, but if you flip the script, you can find the blessing. That changes everything.

Please stop frustrating yourself and focus on the blessing to you.

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