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Natasha Kruger, PhD

Natasha Kruger, Ph.D

Clinical Manager

Work Experience

Areas of Focus:

Approach & Style:

- Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD
- Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, BPD
- Highly Sensitive People
- Adults and teens

- Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
- Somatic Psychology, Spirituality
- Meditation, Expressive Arts, DBT
- Gentle and warm


- Ph.D in Clinical Psychology
- M.A. in Psychology
- B.A in Psychology

Hi, I'm Natasha (PSY29756)

I believe that all people have access to a deep source of wisdom and aliveness that can be tapped into even when it’s been buried for a long time due to trauma, addiction, or other difficult experiences. My passion as a therapist is to assist you in finding that source and recovering your inherent power and vitality.

In therapy, we will work together collaboratively to help you discover the voice of your inner knowing and to loosen the knots of the old constricting beliefs and patterns that have kept you stuck. Although talking together will form the core of our sessions, we will also explore using body sensations, meditations, visualizations, and movement, in order to get beneath words and into the body where the root of the problem often lies.

I bring a broad array of experience to my work, including training in somatic psychology, spirituality, meditation, expressive arts, and nature connection, as well as many years providing therapy in intensive outpatient and other settings. I enjoy working with individuals who feel stuck due to unresolved trauma, addiction, intense emotions, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. I also co-lead DBT groups.

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