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Lisa Corsetti, AMFT, APCC

Work Experience

Areas of Focus:

Approach & Style:

- Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD
- Anxiety, Depression
- Children, Teens, Adults and Couples
- Warm, Caring, Direct
- Non-judgmental and compassionate

- Intuitive and empathic 
- Hakomi practitioner


- MA in Integral Counseling Psychology

Hi, I'm Lisa!
(AMFT 143587, APCC 15455) 

Supervised by Natasha Kruger, PhD PSY29756

Welcome to a space where your feelings of 'never being good enough' are understood and met with empathy and a path forward to transformation.


As a therapist specializing in complex trauma, I have cultivated a practice that prioritizes the deep-seated needs of those who have experienced childhood abuse and neglect, and I have a deep sense of compassion for those who feel misunderstood, invalidated or "unseen". My compassion is 100% sincere and ever-present. My approach is grounded in the belief that healing is possible for everyone, no matter the depth of their struggles. I enjoy working with all ages, from children to adults, as well as couples and families. 

I have a particular affinity for working with clients who are introspective, analytical thinkers—those who are often described as being "in their head." I had a previous career in High Tech, so I know the landscape well. If you find yourself dissecting every thought and decision, our sessions can help you find a balance between analysis and emotion, fostering a healthier, more integrated sense of self. We'll work together to harmonize your thought processes with emotional well-being, leading to a healthier self-relationship.

Like many who strive for success yet grapple with self-doubt, you may find yourself constantly comparing your achievements to others, feeling they are miles ahead. You possess the capability for success—that much is clear to you intellectually. Yet, translating that belief into a confident, motivated self can feel like an insurmountable task. The fear of failure looms large, hindering your ability to take the steps you know you're capable of.

By addressing the root of your self-doubt, we will work together to strengthen your confidence and harness the motivation you need to succeed and also to feel the joy of your achievements.


Here, you will find compassion, understanding, and a non-judgmental approach to guide you towards feeling like a positive and valued member of your family and society. We will explore ways to enhance your self-worth and find that sense of fulfillment you deserve.

Let's transform the fear of harming into the hope of healing and begin the process of moving from the shadows of self-doubt to a life where you recognize and celebrate your own strengths and contributions.

My commitment to you is a partnership in healing. Through a blend of evidence-based practices and intuitive understanding, I am here to facilitate a journey of recovery and self-discovery. If you feel ready to embark on this path of transformation, I am here to walk with you, every step of the way.

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