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Stepmoms Support Group

Image by Benjamin Manley

The Stepmom struggle is real!

Being a stepmother can feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. 

Stepmothers have many challenges. Probably the biggest one is defining her role with the children and in the family. In some instances, she is an “insider’ and at other times, she is clearly on the outside. She may have responsibility for transportation, cooking, laundry, discipline but may not have a say in other areas and may find that her husband sides with his children over her some of the time.

Most women believe that, if they are kind, loving, and gentle enough, everything will work out and the children will fall in love with them. As most stepfamilies have told me, this rarely happens so easily.

Children often resent stepmothers as trying to take the place of their natural mother, even when stepmoms try to take it slowly and patiently, they are still the woman who is with their dad and in the bed and kitchen, where their mother should be.


What Stepmoms struggle with, according to them:

(from Stepmom Feelings Nacho Kids 24-Hour Poll)

Anxiety                                                     455
Depression                                              331
Anger/Coldness                                    327
All of the above                                     289
The urge to run away                          148
Lots of stress                                           127
Feelings of Hate                                      98
Obsessive thoughts                              82
Drinking to escape                                 72
Suicidal thoughts                                   69
Withdrawn                                                66


This group is a safe place where you can connect with other Stepmoms and share your joys, frustrations, and advice.


Join both new and experienced stepmoms looking to share their experiences, difficulties, and triumphs. This group will guide and help navigate issues of loyalties, boundaries, and
expectations and offer support in negotiating all of those challenges successfully.


We will formulate positive solutions, share stories and experiences, and collaborate
with one another to make our step-worlds a better place to live. 

Here are some example topics that we may discuss in the group:

●  Anger and Resentment
●  Dealing with a difficult Bio-Mom
●  Finding your role in the family
●  The role of a stepmom when it comes to Coparenting
●  When to “disengage”, and the resulting relief and benefit it provides
●  Lowering expectations & the accompanying grief and relief
●  How to speak positively to your stepchildren so they are free of triangulation
●  How to successfully communicate with your partner when your values and needs seem to be at odds


The group is led by Karina Carvajal-Frakt. LMFT and is online weekly on Wednesdays from 2:30 - 3:30 PM online. You must be residing in CA in order to attend the group


Contact Us to Enroll in the Stepmoms Support Group

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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