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Sarah Hill, PsyD

Work Experience

Areas of Focus:

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- Trauma. PTSD, Complex PTSD
- Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, BPD
- Maternal Mental Health
- Spirituality 
- Adults, Teens and Families
- Attachment-Based, DBT
- Collaborative and Compassionate
- Ph.D in Clinical Psychology
- B.A. in Psychology

Hi, I'm Sarah
(PSB94024111, supervised by Dr. Natasha Kruger, PSY29756)

The things you do make so much more sense when you think about the things you’ve been through. For many, trauma has not been a single event but rather a constant reality.

Trauma can disrupt one’s life in a way that makes you question who you are, who you can trust, and how you can live in a world that has proven itself unsafe. As a therapist, I walk alongside you in your journey through recovery: providing space to grieve in your own way, an opportunity to sort through the complexity of your thoughts and emotions in an effort to make meaning, and tools to cope.

I graduated with my doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD) and also obtained specialized theological training that helps me to address spiritual issues if you desire. I approach therapy from a non-judgmental place of compassion and partnership. I am interested in helping you to effectively engage in safe, healthy relationships. Social support is a buffer against traumatic stress and an indicator of resilience, so I take relationships very seriously. Therefore, I work with my clients to develop and strengthen connections to themselves, to healthy family and friends, and also to their communities.

I work with children, adults, and families around a variety of issues including: trauma, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, spiritual and religious concerns, change of life issues, maternal mental health concerns (infertility, loss, transitions), addiction, and dysfunctional patterns in relationships.

Yo hablo Español.

I look forward to the opportunity to hear and hold your stories as we walk together towards your goals for health and wholeness.