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Ketamine: Science & Spirit of Psychedelic Healing (for the general public)


One hour overview presentation on ketamine assisted psychotherapy, offered to the general public in 2021 at East West Bookstore and recorded live. The psychedelic revolution is upon us. Clinical trials are underway for MDMA, Psilocybin, and Iboga, but they are still not readily available. Yet, more urgently than ever, we need healing on an individual and collective level. Ketamine is an available and legal drug that shows many of the same benefits as the more well-known psychedelics. This presentation with Linnea Butler will illuminate the research on ketamine, talk about its safety, and discuss how it facilitates healing. Find out how Ketamine psychotherapy intersects with spiritual healing. Linnea Butler is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the founder of Bay Area Mental Health, a clinic dedicated to helping people with complex problems using cutting edge approaches and collaborative care. Linnea specializes in treating trauma and has been an Adjunct Professor at Sofia University and guest lecturer at Santa Clara University. In addition to her direct clinical work, Linnea supervises therapists working toward licensure, and trains licensed therapists on clinical approaches to working with trauma.

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