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Safe Space Teen Therapy Group 

A DBT-Informed therapy and social skills group to help your teen thrive

Available online to teens living in California
Safe Space Teen Therapy Group, DBT-Informed

Group Tuesdays from 5:00-6:30 PM online

*intake assessment is required.

It's tough out there for our teens! 

Being a teen is hard enough in the best circumstances, but with social isolation from the pandemic shutdown, it is even harder. Rates of depression and anxiety in teens have gone through the roof since 2020.

In this group, your teen will be able to connect with other teens and learn coping and communication skills. They will learn how to regulate their emotions, challenge negative thinking, build a positive relationship with themselves (and with you!), and develop communication skills. They will have better insight into their thoughts and emotions and have skills on how to cope with negative thoughts/emotions. They will learn to use their voice and communicate better.

Humans need connection and teens in particular require connection in order to develop social skills and coping skills. The Pandemic has really harmed our young ones and stunted their development. It's time to turn that around!

Some of our goals for teens in this group are for them to:

  • learn healthy ways to process and handle their emotions

  • Improve their ability to move through times of overwhelm and stress

  • learn healthy coping skills

  • communicate better and be honest

  • have support and a safe space to process their emotions

  • feel better so they can really “be themselves”, feel safe and have a positive outlook

  • have more self confidence and feel better about themselves

  • learn to be more independent and self-sufficient

  • develop healthy habits (eat, sleep, hydration, movement, connection)

  • build community and healthy social relationships


We are offering this group as an IN PERSON group because we recognize the deep need in our children for contact with other children. Masks are required to attend the group. 

The fee for this group is $75/session which is pre-paid at the beginning of the month.

The group is run by Lynn Harris, AMFT

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Contact Us to Apply for the Safe Space Teen DBT Therapy Group

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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