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When Someone You Love Has Been Sexually Abused
An On-Demand Course for Partners 

Sexual trauma is a form of trauma that impacts not just the individual, but everyone in their life as well. The impacts of sexual trauma can show up as both physical and emotional symptoms,  all of which can hinder the relationship survivors have with themselves and with their romantic partners.


Survivors of sexual abuse are often left holding the difficult task of reclaiming their life and body, while healing from a wound inflicted by another person. The task for survivors is to heal as an individual, and in relationship with others, which can often prove to be the more challenging if the partner is unaware and/or lacks skills themselves.


Feeling safe, feeling comfortable, and rebuilding emotional and physical intimacy are possible for assault survivors and their  partners. Learning to develop intimacy after sexual trauma can feel like daunting task.


In this course, you will learn about PTSD, what is sexual trauma, how sexual trauma impacts you (the partner) and your partner (the survivor). We will also discuss how to take care of yourself, how to be a supportive partner, and how to develop healthy communication skills in order to have honest conversations that can rebuild intimacy, emotionally and physically. 


The course is available online: 

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When Someone You Love Was Sexually Abused: A Class for Partners

An 8 week online course for abuse survivors and the people who love them

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