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Collaborative Care in San Francisco Bay Area

Transforming Pain Into Purpose 

At Bay Area Mental Health, each of us understands what your pain feels like.

We've been through it.
We never will forget it.
That's why we do what we do.

Emotional and mental pain should be addressed and treated

We can help you build and execute a realistic plan to feel better as soon as possible

Image by Chermiti Mohamed

Create a life that feels good on the inside
(not one that just looks good on the outside)

It is very common for professionals, parents, students, and others in Silicon Valley to present a happy and positive image - even if we don't always feel that way.

You put on “the face” for the world, showing everyone how capable and happy you are. But inside it feels like you’re falling apart.

The old ways of coping just aren’t working anymore.

  • The pain is too strong to ignore.

  • SOMETHING must change.

  • You are ready to make a commitment to get unstuck.

  • The glimmer of hope that things can change is outweighing the doubt.


The problem is real.

In many ways, a human brain is more powerful than any supercomputer. Yet the brain is just as susceptible to illness as any other organ, bone or tissue. When your brain tells you something is wrong, it usually is. When that happens, it is important to address the problem and correct it before it becomes unmanageable.


Our goal is for you NOT to NEED therapy.

We aren’t the kind of therapists that just listen and say “hmmm,” and “uh huh,” and “how do you feel about that?” We believe in creating lasting change.

We specialize in transforming deep emotional pain through a combination of skill-building, education, connecting to values, fostering mindful awareness, and working simultaneously with mind, body, and feelings.

We are authentic, real, and down to earth; and we have all walked our own healing paths, so we understand how much courage it takes. 


Outcome Based Services

  • We set goals with you and relentlessly work towards achieving them.

  • We continuously measure and validate that you're getting better. We measure our own effectiveness the same way.

  • The ultimate goal is always to get better. Getting help is part of the process - not the goal.

Team of Interdisciplinary Experts

  • Your primary clinician is a great match. In addition, your case is reviewed regularly by others who are prepared to step in and help when needed.

  • This allows us to provide an aggregate of over 80 years of experience across multiple areas of expertise.

  • Expert services are always ready when needed by practitioners that already know you.

Advanced Technology and Between Session Support

  • People make progress when in counseling sessions, but it's hard to apply what you've learned between sessions.

  • The work doesn't end when you leave the session.

  • We use mobile app-based technology to assist you - and us where applicable.

  • We provide crisis coaching and support tools. 

The Best Care Wherever You Are

  • Smaller towns and rural areas may have limited local mental health services.  We've perfected remote service, delivery models.

  • We can surge support from experts for you even if our team members are also distributed.

  • We partner well with local providers wherever and whenever needed.

Photo of Dr. Sarah Hill sitting on a sofa in one of the therapy offices

Text with a real human therapist

(Ask anything you want)


Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Our work is guided by our core values:

Integrity 💠 Authenticity 💠 Inclusivity 💠 Diversity 💠 Community 💠 Compassion


There is no single path to healing; it takes different approaches and different people.


We draw on the differences in who we are, where we come from, what we’ve experienced and how we think. We value and trust each other and that makes us stronger together.


Our clients come from all walks of life and so do we. We strive to honor differences in skin color, gender expression, sexual orientation, and social background while staying connected through our common humanity. We aim to continually interrupt overt and covert racism and discrimination where we work, live and play.


We are committed to self-reflection, education, hard conversations, and open hearts and minds as we endeavor to listen to and learn from one another and our clients.


Connect. Belong. Grow.


As individual clinicians and as a practice, we aim to provide outstanding treatment and excellent customer service with integrity and compassion.

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