You deserve to live a

fulfilling, productive, happy life

But there's a catch
The human brain, like any body part, experiences problems. Fortunately, most problems can be successfully treated.
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The human brain is the most amazing, beautiful, complex, wonderful system known to mankind

  • Just 3 pounds
  • 75% water
  • 100 billion neurons
  • Mostly made of fat
  • Uses 20% of all blood and oxygen in your body

I'm a brain

(Learn About Me)

Like every other body part, the brain needs compassionate care and repair from time to time

Right now, in the United States

44 million people suffer from a

treatable mental illness

56% of them do not receive treatment

Of all Americans:

32% have anxiety disorders 

7%  have major depression

8%  struggle with addiction or substance use

6%  have trauma and PTSD

2%  have bipolar disorder

4%  have suicidal thoughts

Source: Mental Health America

Everyone with these conditions can be helped.

Emotional and mental pain should be

addressed and treated

We can help you build and execute a realistic plan to feel better as soon as possible

At Bay Area Mental Health, each of us understands what your pain feels like.

We've been through it.

We never will forget it.

That's why we do what we do.

Our results speak for themselves

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Bay Area Mental Health

unique advantages

Outcome Based Services
  • We set goals with you and relentlessly work towards achieving them.

  • We continuously measure and validate that you're getting better. We measure our own effectiveness the same way.

  • The ultimate goal is always to get better. Getting help is part of the process - not the goal.

Advanced Technology and Between Session Support
  • People make progress when in counselling sessions, but it's hard to apply what you've learned between sessions.

  • The work doesn't end when you leave the session.

  • We use mobile app based technology to assist you - and us where applicable.

  • We provide crisis coaching and support tools. 

Team of Interdisciplinary Experts
  • Your primary clinician is a great match. In addition, your case is reviewed regularly by others who are prepared to step in and help when needed.

  • This allows us to provide an aggregate of over 80 years of experience across multiple areas of expertise.

  • Expert services are always ready when needed by practitioners that already know you.

The Best Care Wherever You Are
  • Smaller towns and rural areas may have limited local mental health services.  We've perfected remote service delivery models.

  • We can surge support from experts for you even if our team members are also distributed.

  • We partner well with local providers wherever and whenever needed.


3 simple steps to better mental health

Connect With Us

It's super easy.  Some info.  Some forms. You can even do it all by texting with us.

Get to Work and
Start to Heal

We'll set goals and build your plan together. Then you can get better every day.


Enjoy Every Day

We'll help you learn to live your best life. Every. Single. Day.

  • Understanding brings motivation

  • Motivation brings improvement

  • Improvement brings a better life



Our commitments to you

Modern, Science-Based Treatment

We use data and decades of experience to ensure we do what works best

Quality Care

The best possible clinician backed by experts with complimentary skills for every client


We help people who haven't been helped elsewhere


You are not "too much" for us


We tell you the truth and couple that with realistic plans

Confidentiality & Security

No leaks

No breaches

No indiscretions

Outcome-Based Services

We continuously and transparently measure your progress

Compassion, Empathy and Sincerity

We've all been where you are


We're informed by that

Ethics and Professionalism

We take our responsibility to you very seriously 


(Published by clients on social media without solicitation)

Outcome Oriented

"I was referred to Bay Area Mental Health a little over two years ago.  I was reluctant to go after I interviewed with another facility.  I was pleasantly impressed with the warmth and kindness that was presented to me from the staff from the very beginning.  Linnea is so calm and put me at ease.  She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  She has paired me up with two of the most fabulous therapists!  I have attended her classes and I admit it was difficult in the beginning; however, it's a process, and it works.  One has to stick with it and believe in the process, even when you don't want to, or feel like it.  Furthermore, the staff is there to support you especially during those moments.  I can't speak more highly about Linnea and her staff.  Especially Linnea, thank you for enlightening, empowering, and supporting me. You are my rock!"

Results Delivered with Compassion

"While I still have my not so good days I have been in the trenches with BAMH and they have never let me down. The curriculum is comprehensive and the support is unlike any thing I have experienced (this is coming from someone who's been inpatient). I believe that the tools I am learning have and will continue to save my life. I highly recommended the tailored treatment they offer. Since being at BAMH I have had fewer, more mild relapses and I haven't been hospitalized once since we started. I was going to the ER multiple times a month before."

Collaborative Team of Experts

"I am an engineer and prefer to have clear objectives and a strong understanding of what the therapist is doing and why. Linnea picked up on this in my introductory session.  She and the team were careful and sympathetic, but I felt that they were approaching my complex PTSD and other issues in a scientific way.  As issues arose, I was able to augment my regular and group sessions with a visit with people in the practice who had specific expertise from time to time.  It felt to me like I had a primary therapist who was deeply committed to my well being, but had a team of specialists behind her that she could call upon for help when needed.  She was also working closely with my doctor as well. I am making progress in my life now and credit BAMH and my doctor who referred me to them.  I have been to solo therapists before and was generally fine, but this group works at a team."

Modern Solutions to Complex Problems

"I have been working with Bay Area Mental Health for almost 2 years now. My daughter & I utilized the therapy services for working through family issues. My daughter had the best counseling she had ever received for two years, compared with 5 years of so-so counseling. I can personally recommend Linnea Butler and her DBT series training. She and her DBT partner, Anne, have been stellar! I have gone through the DBT series twice and the knowledge I gained through homework & counseling has changed me permanently. I highly recommend this team of psychotherapists & their DBT classes. This team, and Linnea Butler in particular, really care & are very professional. I don't say this lightly because when things are shaky, and you need help, this team is a solid one to regain your footing."

How we achieve great results and

help where others haven't

Assist the Clinician

Help you learn and apply skills

Monitor your progress

Always be there in force

Apply leading edge solutions

Team of Experts
Apps and
Off-Hours Support
  • Reinforce healthy coping and habits

  • Crisis support

  • Extensive Resource Center of articles and tools

Continuous Validation
  • Data driven care

  • Course correct if it's not working well

  • Apply current research

  • Catch problems

Remote Support
  • Surge resources  from anywhere to anywhere

  • Eliminate client travel when things are challenging

Continuous Clinician Training
  • Better diagnoses

  • More experience

  • Broader expertise

  • Minimize risk

  • Faster responses

  • Clinician education

  • Broader perspective

  • Current research

  • Modern practices

Text with a real human therapist

(Ask anything you want)

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