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Trauma Healing and Resilience with Yoga Therapy


Post traumatic stress disorder is a challenging illness that can come to dominate the lives of those it affects, and a variety of strategies are often required to manage the emotional and physical symptoms that define it. The use of evidence-based techniques from yoga and mindfulness to aid in the recovery of PTSD is a promising area of yoga therapy, where emerging scientific research points toward several mechanisms through which yoga can reduce symptoms of PTSD.

Yoga can be such an efficacious treatment for PTSD because it works with both the mind and the body, while also helping to forge a sense of safe community from which individuals can draw comfort and support. Alongside medication and psychotherapy, yoga therapy can be a valuable part of a person’s medical care – as well as a self-care tool they can fall back on in their own time.

By combining a comprehensive knowledge of the neuroscience, psychology and physiology of trauma with yogic techniques, yoga therapists can gently guide PTSD sufferers towards recovery in an informed and safe way. Furthermore, they can work within the framework of a wider treatment plan and help individuals fully engage with counseling or therapy.

Private yoga therapy sessions are offered by Jesalyn Eatchel, licensed clinical social worker, yoga instructor, and Reiki master, you will learn how to reset your nervous system with gentle movement in the privacy of your own home.

Jesalyn Eatchel, LCSW

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