Trauma Therapist Bay Area

As Bay Area therapists treating traumatic disorders, we are often asked several questions about our trauma therapy services. Here, we have put together answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, we invite you to contact Bay Area Mental Health at (408) 508-3611 to speak with a qualified addiction specialist.

What is trauma?

It's a terrifying event that affects a person's capacity to cope with life. It could be something simple like a car crash or complex such as family violence.

Can you help determine if I am suffering from traumatic symptoms? 

At Bay Area Mental Health, our therapists can help you determine if you are experiencing traumatic symptoms and create a treatment plan that addresses you as a whole person. 

What exactly does your traumatic disorder treatment program entail? 

Traumatic disorder treatment doesn't have to frighten. At Bay Area Mental Health, we make treatment a positive and healthy experience. We'll treat you emotionally, mentally, physically, and many more.

Do you offer affordable treatment programs? 

If you're suffering from trauma disorder, we invite you to seek treatment from our trauma Therapist in Bay Area. Our treatment programs are very affordable to everyone. 

Who will I speak to about my disorder? 

If you contact us, you will be talking to one of our trauma therapists. We will answer all the questions you may have regarding your treatment program.

Can traumatic symptoms go without treatment? 

No. Chances are these symptoms will continue to worsen if you don't deal with traumatic symptoms. You need to know that you're suffering from traumatic symptoms and seek treatment immediately. 

How long does your therapy last?

The therapy session for a traumatic disorder can vary from a few sessions to multiple sessions, depending on the program you choose. You and our trauma therapist Bay Area will discuss your needs and other vital goals.

Do you work with other disorders besides trauma?

Yes! We can help with other issues related to living life. If you are regulating yourself with different behavior and feel this is not working – we can help. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, or grief, we can give you the right tools and skills to work your way out of these feelings. 

Is your Bay Area therapist good at what they do?

Yes. We are experts at what we do. Our therapist has the expertise to help people recover from traumatic incidents. We deeply care about your health condition and what you have gone through. Our #1 goal is to help you move through whatever is holding you back.

Is therapy confidential?

We keep therapy sessions confidential, but nothing is private if the legal system requires us to release your records. In this case, we'll ask you to sign an agreement. 

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