We understand.  It is very common for professionals, parents, students and others in Silicon Valley to present a happy and positive image. Most of us however, don't always feel that way.

We help you create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside

Ups and downs, stress and anxiety are normal components of life here.  Yet, we expect success, we expect achievement, we expect happiness, and we expect them all the time.  These expectations magnify our inner concerns, because it becomes difficult to acknowledge and address them.

In many ways a human brain is more powerful than any supercomputer.  Yet the brain is just as susceptible to illness as any other organ, bone or tissue.  The brain, however, lets us know when life's normal perturbations slide into the area of treatable illness.  That's our advantage.

When your brain tells you something is wrong, it usually is.  When that happens, it is important to address the problem and correct it before it becomes unmanageable. Seeing a therapist can help.

We specialize in:

  • Emotional and physical abuse

  • Sexual abuse and assault

  • Painful childhood memories and family dynamics

  • Emotional abandonment

  • Feeling broken, unloveable and “not good enough”

  • Addiction and substance use

  • Feeling stuck, hopeless and helpless

At Bay Area Mental Health, we help you heal.

Bay Area Mental Health is Kink Aware and Poly Friendly. Bay Area Mental Health is a Member of Kink Aware Professional Network.