Therapy for Emotional Sensitivity Bay Area

Bay Area Mental Health is a preeminent treatment center with advanced scientific programs and a compassionate staff team. Our therapy for emotional sensitivity in Bay Area has transformed the lives of several highly-sensitive individuals and have helped them lead a healthy and gratifying life.

How we treat highly-sensitive people?

A highly-sensitive person or HSP refers to an individual with a sensory-processing sensitivity. These individuals show high emotional sensitivity and have strong reactions to external and internal stimuli.

We use emotion-focused therapy (EFT), therapeutic psychotherapy to identify and address the underlying mental health issues in an HSP. EFT works by helping individuals identify their negative beliefs, emotions, and behaviors and teaching them ways to embrace healthier and more positive ones instead.

How we treat complex trauma?

Patients suffering from complex trauma often experience sadness, guilt, fear, hopelessness, or anxiety. Complex trauma patients can also find it difficult to trust people around them and struggle with interpersonal relationships. Our SF Bay Area therapists for anxiety and stress offer emotionally focused therapy to patients suffering from complex trauma. EFT helps patients recognize, regulate, and transform their negative thoughts and emotions and enables them to overcome the symptoms of their complex trauma.

One study involving 20 adult survivors of complex trauma found that with 20 weeks of EFT therapy, patients witnessed significant improvements in their symptoms. The patients also reported experiencing the EFT-related improvements long after the treatment. If you believe that you may have complex trauma, meet with a Bay Area therapist to help you manage, understand, and overcome your mental health issues. Our professionals' help will change your life considerably as a result.

Benefits of emotion-focused therapy

Emotion-focused therapy is a type of psychotherapy based on the concept that our emotions play a critical role in how we feel and function. We use EFT to identify, address, and treat trauma and help patients attain improved mental wellness. Some of the benefits of EFT anxiety and panic treatment include:

  1. Helps increase awareness - It increases an individual's ability to identify and express their emotions, which can be difficult for those trying to heal from trauma like childhood abuse, sexual assault, etc.

  2. Enhanced emotional stability - It helps individuals develop emotional regulation and enables them to control their negative emotions' intensity and duration. It also allows individuals to view, feel, and experience things around them with a positive mindset.

  3. Helps transform unproductive emotions - It allows individuals to convert negative and unhealthy emotions into positive feelings, significantly improving their lives' quality.

Our Bay Area anxiety and depression therapist has transformed the lives of numerous trauma survivors by training them to identify and express their emotions, regulate them, and transform the negative ones into positive feelings. Get in touch with one of us at Bay Area Mental Health at (408) 508-3611. As a leading treatment center for mental health issues, we offer therapy for emotional sensitivity in Bay Area and help susceptible individuals overcome illnesses, such as trauma, PTSD, depression, etc., safely and effectively.