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Teens Skill Building Group

A 10-week online group to help your teen thrive
Image by Duy Pham

Next Group Starts April 18th*
Online every Monday for 10 weeks From 4:00 To 6:00 PM
Ages 13-17
*intake assessment is required.

It's tough out there for our teens! 

Being a teen is hard enough in the best circumstances, but with social isolation from the pandemic shutdown, it is even harder. Rates of depression and anxiety in teens have gone through the roof since 2020.

In this group, your teen will be able to connect with other teens. They will learn how to regulate their emotions, challenge negative thinking, build a positive relationship with themselves (and with you!), and develop communication skills. They will have better insight into their thoughts and emotions and have skills on how to cope with negative thoughts/emotions. They will learn to use their voice and communicate better.


Week 1: The importance of learning to listen to our emotions and what they mean

Week 2: Exploring how we may see things differently and experience things differently even though we are seeing/going through the same thing. 

Week 3: The 2 types of Learned Helplessness

Week 4: Learning the difference between passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive communication.

Week 5: Learning how to say “I” statements

Week 6: Building and Identifying Strengths

Week 7: Learning about the Power of Positivity.

Week 8: Building Self-Compassion and the importance of gratitude

Week 9: What is Wise Mind?

Week 10: Identifying Coping Skills - How do you cope when you’re angry and sad?

Optional week: Music Therapy -
Music tends to help us when we're feeling an array of emotions. Clients will be asked to share songs that helped them get through a tough time. 


The group is run by Sandy Kong, LMFT

Sandy Kong, LMFT

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