Yes, You Can Heal from Trauma

Sexual Abuse Support Group for Women

You’ve been through something terrible.

You feel like you can’t talk to anyone about it. You worry:

“They won’t believe me.”

“They’ll blame me.”

“They just don’t want to hear it.”

Trauma happened in a relationship, so it needs to heal in a relationship.

Connecting with others who have been there is an important step in recovering.

In the Survivors Sexual Abuse Support Group, you will learn to trust again. Gain understanding about trauma and how it affects the brain and body, and how it shows up in your daily life.

Trauma leaves a fingerprint on your life. Trouble building relationships, depression or anxiety, avoiding things that remind you of the trauma, negative self talk, feeling worthless or hopeless.

Learn coping skills to manage and heal from these problems.

Connect with other survivors, and know that you are not alone.

Start healing from the pain of the past.

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