You Are Not Alone

There are an average of 293,066 sexual assaults each year, that's one assault every 107 seconds. Whether the assault or abuse happened when you were a child or when you were an adult, it impacts every part of your life. Sexual trauma doesn't just go away - it sticks with you like an unwanted shadow.

  • Are you an adult that experienced sexually inappropriate or abusive treatment as a child?
  • In your life since being sexually abused as a child, do you feel you have emotional wounds that continue to fester?
  • Have you developed some unhealthy ways of coping that you’d like to change?
  • Are you noticing some areas in your life that you suspect are affected by the abuse?
  • Is old stuff like memories, flashbacks, nightmares, triggers or fears holding you back from your potential?

Problems in daily life that may be rooted in the trauma:

  • Overwhelming emotions

  • Relationship problems

  • Difficulty setting boundaries

  • Getting triggered

  • Flashbacks and nightmares

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Not trusting or trusting too much

  • Feeling shame or guilt

  • Feeling surrounded by unsafe people

  • Family issues

  • Having  hard time coping

  • Difficulty with self care

Trauma therapy can be done in a group setting or in individual therapy. Group therapy is more enriching for some than individual therapy, because of the sense of community and safety that is built. You can benefit from groups even during sessions when you say little. Members may bring up an issue that strikes a chord in you but you either weren't aware of or didn't know how to bring up yourself. This is a safe place to risk enough to learn about yourself. What is said in group, stays in group. It is completely confidential.

It's common to feel some anxiety about the prospect of talking in group at the beginning. Just know that everyone is a little bit nervous. Quickly people begin to open up and when they realize they are safe and not being judged.

Survivors Groups for women meets Wednesday mornings in Los Gatos. The fee is $85 per week. 


Are you interested in meeting with other women who have been there?

Survivors Group for Women is a safe, confidential place to find support and healing with people who have experienced the same things as you have.

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We feel the most alive when we’re connecting with others and being brave with our stories - it’s in our biology.
— Brene Brown
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Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and value - when they can give and receive without judgment.
— Brene Brown