Sexual Abuse Support Group Bay Area

At Bay Area Mental Health, we organize, conduct, and moderate a sexual abuse support group Bay Area for survivors and offer them hope, confidence, and courage to power through the most turbulent time of their lives. By addressing the trauma of sexual assault, we prevent the negative effects that a survivor can experience physically, mentally, and emotionally in the long-term.

How to find a therapist after sexual abuse?

Experiencing a whole array of emotions after an assault is normal. However, you must seek help from a therapist and attend one of the Bay Area sex abuse support groups to help you heal from these traumatic memories. Here are some tips to help you find the best psychotherapist, social worker, or counselor/therapist:

  1. Call your insurance company to learn about the list of approved providers in your area. Knowing the services covered under your plan is an excellent place to begin if you have insurance.

  2. You can call the Apex bodies such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) or RAINN and ask for referrals to the best mental health care providers in your area.

  3. You may also ask your physician or at a local hospital for referrals. Several hospitals provide patients with information on adult survivors of child abuse support groups and other group/independent therapy programs.

As a leading mental health facility, we conduct Bay Area sexual abuse support groups to help individuals cope and process their traumatic past. Our sexual assault program has helped survivors learn critical coping mechanisms and strategies to lead a healthy, happy, and gratifying life over the years.

How sexual abuse support group creates a positive impact in life?

While nobody can understand the pain and emotional agony you experience because of sexual abuse, sharing it with individuals who have experienced sexual assault and partner violence can provide you with a sense of comfort and solace. Sex abuse support groups provide you with a non-judgemental platform to share your experiences and challenges with people battling with similar issues as you.

It offers survivors an opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms and life skills to overcome their traumatic past and get on with life. More importantly, these groups provide survivors with the chance to develop new friendships and bonds and enables them to heal and recover in peer support.

Signs that warn the need for therapy after sexual abuse

If you feel guilty, ashamed, or confused, therapy is critical to restoring your mental wellness. As someone who has experienced sexual abuse, it is normal to feel frightened, anxious, or depressed. Therapy can help you develop self-confidence, teach you to trust again, boost your self-esteem, and equip you with critical conflict management skills.

Contact Bay Area Mental Health at (408) 508-3611 to speak with a qualified addiction specialist. We conduct a comprehensive sexual abuse support group in Bay Area and help survivors heal from their traumatic memories. Reach us today to get started on a liberating journey towards a better tomorrow.