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Ruby Roldan-Osuna, AMFT

Ruby Roldan-Osuna, AMFT

Work Experience

Areas of Focus:

Approach & Style:


- Trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD

- Eating Disorders

- Depression, Anxiety

- Adults, Teens and Families

- Spanish speaking

- Engaging and Collaborative

- Somatic and Mindfulness

- Humanistic and Multicultural

- Strength based and depth psychology

- Masters in Counseling Psychology with Holistic Specialization

Hi, I'm Ruby
(130264, supervised by Dr. Natasha Kruger, PSY29756)

My approach to therapy developed from my personal experiences navigating and seeking a healthy connection and balance between my mind, body, and spirit. I know what it is to face challenges and heal from eating disorders, self-image issues, and anxiety, which have allowed me to connect and deepen my understanding of my clients’ experience. Through my own healing journey I have learned how to provide holistic and integrative ways to heal within all your layers and experiences.  

I have specialized training in holistic psychology which explores the depth and interconnectedness between body, mind, and spirit and is central to the way I view, conceptualize, and work with you. During session work with me you will explore much more than talk therapy including: expressive art therapies, somatic/movement, mindfulness, body-awareness, dream work/visualization, and ecotherapy. I utilize strength-based, humanistic, and depth psychology theories. I view you as a whole being but also honor the unique identity from which you have evolved and adapted. I am a first generation Mexican American and Spanish speaking therapist. My multicultural lens has provided me with clarity into the diverse experiences you may want help with. I will work directly with you as someone who understands diversity in language, multiculturalism, experience, and perspective.

I also have training in nutritional psychology and study herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine that support me in seeing you as a whole person and understanding your lifestyle choices, habits, and environment. Lastly, I have training and experience working with trauma focused CBT with children, adolescents, and families.  I appreciate that all individuals may have different needs in therapy and my goal is to integrate different techniques and modalities to meet your needs. My clinical framework is rooted in a holistic lens that grounds me in the knowing that we have the power to heal our minds, bodies, and spirits to return to balance and wholeness. I am honored and humbled to walk alongside you and your self-exploration and growth.

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