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Richard Knowles, Ph.D

Work Experience

Areas of Focus:

Approach & Style:

- Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD
- Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar
- Personality Disorders
- Adults and teens

- Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
- Psychedelic Integration
- Transpersonal psychology
- Spirituality

- Existential
- Art therapy

- Calm and reassuring


- Ph.D in Clinical Psychology
- M.A. in Psychology
- B.A in Psychology, Anthropology and Philosophy

Hi, I'm Richard (PSY29060)

Whether you're looking for a deep, transformative understanding of ongoing life struggles, or wish for short-term work on specific issues, I am here to provide professional, customized care for you. I focus not just on what is going wrong, but how to awaken and tap into your inner strengths and wisdom. I offer concrete solutions and approaches that you can apply to daily living, while also investigating what may lie beneath the surface that is leading to you to experience distress. Life is hard. I can give you tools to help you navigate the difficult times so that you come out stronger on the other side.


Whether you want to gain a better sense of meaning and purpose in your life, or need help getting along better with friends and loved ones, I can help. My passion is helping people with complex problems to process and transform their pain and, if appropriate, integrate spiritual and psychedelic experiences. 

My clients often describe me as being warm, understanding, insightful, and gentle yet firm when needed. I provide a safe space for processing difficult emotions and private feelings and thoughts that can be otherwise too challenging to manage alone. Together, we'll work towards attainable goals that will enrich your life.

 I have a professional, caring and supportive demeanor with over a decade of experience working on a wide variety of problems and diagnoses with a wide variety of demographics.  I also have deep training and experience from my transpersonal education and work with MAPS for helping people process spiritual and transpersonal issues in their lives, as well as helping people process and integrate psychedelic experiences. 

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