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Healing isn't a once a week journey and often people need support in addition to weekly therapy. Here is a curated list of resources that our team of professionals have tested and endorse to support you on your journey!

BrainTap System for resetting the nervous system 

Our founder has struggled with chronic illness and her doctor recommended that she try Brain Tap. After using it for a few months with great results, she shared it with some of her clients who also had great results. We are proud to announce a partnership with BrainTap where we can pass along a discount to our friends and clients!

FREE demos are available for current clients at our office.


Learn more about Brain Tap

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View the Catalog of Meditations

Check out the Research Behind the System


Coupon Codes:

  • Use coupon code BTPARTNER29 at checkout for $29 off the first month BrainTap Monthly subscription (makes 1st month $0.99)

  • Use the following coupon code PARTNER50 at checkout for $50 off the BrainTap Power Bundle and the BrainTap Headset

BT Headset & App.png

The absolute BEST Weighted Blankets

(we especially love the Chenille)


We have tried many different brands of weighted blankets and the custom ones from Magic Weighted Blanket are not to be beat! Yes, they are expensive but they last. We have the 12 pound ones in every office and some of us have them at home for personal use too.

Use coupon code BAMH10 for a 10% discount on their products.

Ethically sourced and high potency essentials oils from Cathy's Attars

We incorporate essential oils and attars from Cathy's Attars in talk therapy sessions and also in our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and they are truly magical! Ethically sourced and created with love, then can help deepen healing work and soothe wounded souls.


Use coupon code BAYAREAMH for a 10% discount


Brain Re-training to support healing the nervous system with The Gupta Program


This is a program build to help learn to re-regulate a dysregulated nervous system. It was designed for people who suffer from chronic illness and anxiety, and we believe that is also very helpful for people with chronic PTSD. It incudes elements of DBT, polyvagal theory, meditation and visualization. Our founder uses the program and has found it extremely helpful

Fidget and Stim Toys for reducing Anxiety


Our favorite eye mask: Manta!


Book recommendations to support your learning and wellness


Please note that BAMH is an affiliate for some of the items on this page and may receive some small compensation from purchases made.

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