Relationship PTSD Bay Area

The American Psychiatric Association defines a psychiatric disorder as the brain’s reaction to a traumatic event. A person must have prolonged disturbing thoughts that interfere with their daily life to test positive for PTSD.

People with PTSD have incredible avoidance tendencies and may not know they have a mental problem until their life takes an entirely different direction. Most people assume that their high-functioning depression means they are over the traumatic and obsessive thoughts. The only sure way to diagnose and heal PTSD is to visit Bay Area marriage counselors specializing in mental and emotional trauma.

Overview of our PTSD treatments

Best places for treatment

A qualified facility counselor should advise you on different treatment options to deal with your particular trauma. Ask the prospective Bay Area marriage counselors about the availability of treatment and their experience with similar cases. Sometimes, it is helpful to enquire how they can help you manage trauma in relationships when working in high-risk careers like the army and front-line medical support.

What to expect from our psychotherapy treatment

LGBTQ couples counselor in San Francisco CA has professional skills to walk you through the toughest trauma. Trauma can turn around the most positive life to extreme adversity. It is common for people who experience trauma from physical abuse to make decisions with fear and hyperactive speculation. Marriage and couples therapy in San Francisco helps you understand how trauma affected your old life and made you change your outlook on healthy relationships.

What do we use to treat relationship PTSD?


There are many ways to recover from PTSD, with the favorite being Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing among many counselors. EMDR is an efficient technique to help patients deal with painful memories and fix emotional distress. The treatment's basic principle is to bring your awareness to past trauma and the sensations in your body with the aim of allowing these emotions to sizzle out slowly so you can create new thought patterns and relationship experiences.

Cognitive behavior therapy

Research suggests that CBT in marriage counseling that works is effective for psychological trauma. The focus of CBT is to help you understand how you feel to modify your behavior and create new coping strategies. The focus of the treatment while dealing with relationship PTSD is to help you form a healthy perception about yourself and the perpetrator in past events. The relationship therapist in San Francisco changes the meaning of the traumatic experience and allows you to overcome anxious thoughts, fears, and avoidances.

One way of changing the meaning of the trauma is exposing you to the same situation while giving you support to form different reactions. The exposure may be gradual, so you do not fall into another cycle of ruminating thoughts, but instead find new coping mechanisms to assure you of your newfound inner strength and persona.

Imagery rescripts are another powerful way of helping you cope with upsetting memories because you learn how to perceive past issues as ghosts. These scenarios will look and feel foreign at the end of treatment because you will be detached from the old thought patterns. Are you ready to learn more about our approach to relationship PTSD in the Bay Area? Contact (408) 508-3611 to speak to a qualified specialist.