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Bring on the Joy!!!

Honestly, this has been a long week and it’s only Wednesday! Who else is with me?!? If it's just me, that is okay too. Today the focus is going to be joy. No, I am going tell you where to find it, as you only know that for yourself. I am going to provide guidance on protecting it.

We all have people in our lives that like to center their opinion and override what you were saying. This used to frustrate me beyond means. I would discuss at length how rude the person was, the inability to see other perspectives, how resolve the situation. It would bother me for days, pondering how to go back into a situation or discussion with them to find a resolution. Let’s all take a guess about how much they worried about their words or actions?!? You guessed it none!

So let’s look closer at that. Let's assume I spent 7 days pondering and worrying about something in the past and not focusing on what was right in front of me. In that time, I wouldn't focus on my self care, events that week, or present moment conversations because of the preoccupation with the past. That would feel exhausting, but at the same time nothing gets done.

Shift your focus away from the past and things you cannot control and focus on what you can control - the present moment!

Please don’t let people steal your joy. Bring your awareness to the present. Notice the joy when it shows up and then create more of it!

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