Online Therapy – Simple and Effective

The Need for Support Has Never Been Greater

As we shelter in place to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our community tensions can rise. Isolation and loneliness, family tension, fears and worries, feeling overwhelmed, re-emergence of old problems… Our mental health is just as important as physical health.

We are in a new world with a new normal. Online therapy (telehealth) allows us to reach more people and to do so safely and at your convenience. We use a secure, encrypted platform so your sessions are protected. Our world is evolving and we are adapting. Come along with us!

 We made it simple – one click and you’re in!

You don’t need to be a tech genius – all you need is a computer or a smart phone and a quiet space.

 But does it work?

YES! Research shows that online therapy is as effective as traditional in person therapy. Change is uncomfortable, we get it. We invite you to schedule a brief video consultation to get used to how it feels to connect with your therapist in a new way.

If you’re someone who likes to see the data (like us!) here are some articles in the effectiveness of online therapy:

 What about privacy?

Rules about privacy and confidentiality are the same, whether you are in person or online. We use a secure, encrypted platform so you’re information is protected.

Sometimes interruptions can occur with technology, just as they go wrong in the real world. There will always be a back-up plan or alternative option to re-connect for the session such as switching to telephone or email messaging.

Lastly, I would like to share this excellent article  written by Malia Jones, Ph.D., MPH, a Scientist who studies social contact of humans and spatial patterns of infectious disease. It is helpful and reassuring.

We are committed to supporting the well-being of our community and will continue to serve you through this rapidly evolving situation.

Do you Have Questions about Online Therapy?