Life Skills for Young Adults

Adulting is Hard.

Leaving high school and heading off to college means that you no longer have your safety net. Your parents, your friends, your daily routine – everything has changed. You are stressed out and it all feels too much. Life transitions can be so overwhelming that you need to take a “time out”. This group is a safe space to learn how to cope and get yourself back on track. Bond with others who get it because they are going through it too. 

You are far from alone.


Life Skills for Young Adults is a support and skills group where you can learn skills to cope with daily struggles.

  • Connect with others who “get it”
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Build self confidence and self esteem
  • Improve coping skills
  • Stop unhealthy behaviors

Led by an experienced therapist, Pamarie Pedjoe, you can build the life you have always wanted, living with vibrancy that you deserve! Group therapy can connect you with others who are going through the same or similar struggles and is a proven method of healing this pain. Group therapy can be a good addition to the healing work you are already doing, or can be an affordable alternative to individual therapy


Step Into Your Best Self!

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