LGBTQ+ Support

Bay Area Mental Health continuously strives to provide a framework for safe, supportive, and caring relationships with LGBQIQA individuals, groups, and communities. While LGBTQ+ individuals suffer from the same mental conditions and circumstances as all others, stigma and anachronistic social viewpoints may require a provider relationship that is actively embracing of all orientations.  We focus aggressively on enabling LGBTQ+ clients to benefit from a therapeutic  experience self-acceptance and personal, social, emotional, and relational development.

Our practice reinforces:

  • Affirming all shades of the rainbow

  • The use of evidence-based practices with oppressed populations

  • Promoting LGBTQ students’ well-being in schools

  • In search of an affirming faith

  • Management and skills to deal with bullying and oppression

  • Skills for straight children of same-sex parents who experience oppression or rejection

  • Embracing the ongoing push for progress

  • Partners in transition