Larissa Pasut, LMFT #121465

What path led you here today? You may have trouble connecting with yourself or with others, or you may feel flat and wonder, “is this all there is?” Maybe something you thought was in the past is coming back up now and you feel like you’re treading water, just trying to survive the day.

It’s exhausting and draining to be in emotional pain, and you don’t have to live your life like that.

Here’s the secret – we are more than what has happened to us and while our story has shaped us, it doesn’t get to define us. We are resilient and resourceful, and I’m consistently humbled by our ability to heal and find meaning.

I work with teens, adults, and couples. I believe that the choices we make and the things we do make sense when you consider your life and what has happened to you. I’ll help you make sense of the struggles you’re experiencing – physically and emotionally – and help you get control of your life back. You CAN have a fulfilling life.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. I trained at the YWCA Silicon Valley’s Healing Center, with a focus on sexual violence and childhood trauma, including dissociative disorders. I have experience working with PTSD and Complex PTSD, as well as with the day-to-day effects that loss and trauma can have on your life. I use a variety of techniques—including visualization, art, and body-based work—but at the core, I work to cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance, to empower you and to help you live life on your terms.

More about me:

I am kink/poly friendly and sex positive. Also, I lived in several countries growing up which has left me with a fairly broad world view. That said, it is a fact that I’m privileged, and with hard work and reflection, I’m beginning to understand what this means, and how I contribute to and perpetuate the status quo. I am committed to continuing this personal work and to interrupting racism where and how I can.

I belong to the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists ( as well as the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (

Your healing journey begins when you pick up the phone.