Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in the  SF Bay Area

If you are dealing with deep-rooted emotional and psychological issues, you need to choose a therapy that will work. You want to learn how to deal with the issues so you can move forward in your life and enjoy better relationships. At Bay Area Mental Health, we provide a wide range of treatment options including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, KAP. We offer one of the only programs for San Francisco ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in the area.

What is Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy?

Ketamine is a medication that is known to provide some relief and treatment for depression and bipolar disorder, among other things. It is a powerful drug that must be utilized only in supervised conditions with a reputable therapist. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in the Bay area is a somewhat new treatment option that includes a combination of a safe and supportive set and setting. It is an option that can open the mind to facilitate expanded consciousness and spiritual connection during your therapy session. As one of the leading Bay area psychiatrists, we offer expert therapy options including KAP.

How Does KAP Work?

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in the Bay area is only performed under the direction of a qualified professional. Ketamine can produce an episode of expanded awareness and shift in consciousness. KAP utilizes small and safe doses of ketamine to produce the intended results. It will help reduce your worries and anxieties so you can reach deep to the root of your thoughts and being. KAP starts with an assessment by a BAMH clinician and medical evaluation with a psychiatrist. Once we determine that you are a good candidate for KAP, we start with a preparation session before the KAP sessions. We then provide integration sessions. We provide KAP sessions in person and virtually. At Bay Area Mental Health, we are a leading provider of ketamine therapy treatment in San Francisco.

Can KAP Help Me?

KAP is a very powerful therapy treatment that is still very new. In clinical studies, it has been found to be productive in helping patients go deeper into the roots of their issues. When this occurs, you may be better able to address critical matters from your past. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in the Bay area is not ideal for everyone. We will need to assess your particular needs to determine whether KAP is a viable option. If so, we will discuss treatment choices, including KAP, to ensure that you understand the treatment and are comfortable with it. We only provide KAP under supervised conditions, so you can be sure that it is safe.

About Bay Area Mental Health

Bay Area Mental Health offers a large variety of treatments and therapies for wide-ranging mental and emotional issues. We work with adults, children, and couples to provide private and group sessions. We have a team of highly-skilled professionals with expertise in many areas of mental health treatment. We employ many different treatments including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in the Bay area. We will help you develop a therapy plan that will effectively address and treat your emotional and mental pain. Contact Bay Area Mental Health to speak with a qualified specialist: (408) 508-3611.