April 7th-9th in Palo Alto, CA

What is Trauma?

Traumatic experience isn't defined by the experience itself, but rather on how you perceive the experience.  Trauma happens when you feel that your life or well-being, or that of someone else, is threatened.  Two different people can experience the same thing, and while one person is unaffected, the other is impacted deeply. Virtually all of us have some kind of trauma in our lives.

n this workshop you will learn skills to build resilience and cope with manifestations of trauma, explore what it feels like to set boundaries, process feelings about your experiences, learn how the trauma is held in the body and how to process through it.

Meet your workshop team:

Workshop dates and costs:

  • Fri, April 7th 6pm-8pm
  • Sat, April 8th 9am-5pm
  • Sun, April 9th, 9am-5pm
  • $395