We have an amazing team of therapists here at Bay Area Mental Health. We asked each of them a set of questions to help us get to know them a bit more. This week: Sharla Mize, LPCC.

Why did you become a therapist? 

I was always the kid who asked why – why do you do what you do? I realize now I was a Highly Sensitive Person from birth – always aware of others’ emotions, even when they tried to keep them suppressed. I took what could have been a liability – being sensitive, and used it to become more spiritual and creative.

However, I knew there was something else I needed to help others connect to their wise self and heal from emotional trauma. For most of my adulthood, I stayed home and took care of my children. When I decided to pursue a higher degree and enter the workforce, I realized a degree in the field of psychology was what I needed to really support others in their healing process.

What do you enjoy most about being a therapist?

Connecting with others and sharing their journey of growth and healing. I love being able to to tell others that the things they hate most about themselves are actually their strengths or biggest allies in their transformation. I enjoy teaching people skills that improve their quality of life and their interpersonal relationships.

Knowing people have gone on to develop a life worth living that includes keeping healthy relationships, letting go of unhealthy relationships and habits, and pursuing their passion.

Who are you outside of the therapy room?

I am a new “empty nester,” rediscovering my relationship with my husband and developing a new relationship with my grown children. We have recently moved to San Jose and are enjoying the beautiful scenery on our hikes and outings. One of my passions is art and it’s history, so I am enjoying the arts in the Bay Area. I love crows – I think they represent wisdom and ingenuity. I am unapologetically obsessed with David Bowie.