We have an amazing team of therapists here at Bay Area Mental Health. We asked each of them a set of questions to help us get to know them a bit more. This week: Kim McCord, LMFT.

Why did you become a therapist? 

The moment I knew what I wanted from life came when I was fifteen, helping a friend through a very dark place. Sitting up with her until three in the morning, putting aside my needs and fears so I could be present with her, I felt such a sense of rightness. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the pain and anxiety and grief of others. I wanted to help them bear it. There are so many things that we should not have to go through alone.

What do you enjoy most about being a therapist?

As a therapist I get to know people deeply, and that gives me hope for humanity. The world can be a depressing place, dark and dirty. Many of my clients have been through awful things. They’re struggling to come to terms with what they’ve done and what’s been done to them. And the more I learn about their lives, the more I learn about the strength and creativity they have. The worst situations bring out the best in people.

My clients inspire me to be a better, stronger person. If they can handle years of anxiety and trauma and anger and guilt, I can handle that call to Comcast.  I’ve met people who have seen unimaginable things, things that could bring anyone down, but they keep going anyway.

Who are you outside of the therapy room?

I like to embrace life and go with the flow.  I get excited about the little things, like making hot chocolate with Nutella mixed in or re-covering a couch.  I have a ton of interests, many of them nerdy. I play board games and Dungeons and Dragons. I like to collect sea glass.  I play the harp. In the past few weeks I’ve taken up knitting, and it’s going to take me about ten years to finish a scarf.