Dr. Lisa Prosser-Dodds, PhD (Supervised by Natasha Kruger)

In my 20 plus years in mental heath care, I have had the joy of working with a variety of amazing people. People who come to me looking for ways to handle, manage and improve their life. My passion is to metaphorically hold a mirror up for you to see yourself, the issue or behavior or thought pattern that is not giving you the results you desire. I am a direct, honest and sometimes humorous communicator. I like to help you balance emotions, thoughts and behaviors so you can create a realistic plan to live a life worth living.

I learned years ago, most problems can be traced to a loss or trauma. I quickly work to help you find the core issue. Then I implement a variety of tools and skills to heal losses and help you engage in a healthy life. This often involves more than talking. We will use a myriad of therapies to help you find your authentic, genuine self.

I have lived almost sixty years. I have a deep passion to help people move beyond broken parts of life. I am not the one who charts the course, you do. You chart the course and I am the supportive companion on the journey. I am personable, and clients say my honest humor helps balance our work! Come see me once, you will know if we are a match!

Your healing journey begins when you pick up the phone.