Why we're different

Our history of success

We've learned to do things differently.  Expert care is most effective when you can easily apply what you've learned.  This can be a challenge because you see a traditional clinician once a week for an hour, and then you're on your own for the remaining 167 hours in the week.  We use innovative technology and processes to make this second nature.

Practice makes perfect

In sessions, clients you'll learn critical skills and new perspectives.  We use mobile apps to help you remember and practice what you've learned.
This reduces the time required to improve and allows you (and us) to monitor and track your success.
Teenager with Mobile Phone

We're there with you

When the journey is difficult, we're right there with you.  
  • Coaching calls on demand
  • Emergency response protocols
  • Team coordination
This helps us try to ensure the tough times aren't quite so tough.
Helping Hands

Smart people working together 

We're experts are matching clients with the best clinician. But no one clinician is an expert in all things.
We back up each clinician with a team of experts who's backgrounds complement their skills to augment each clinician.
This helps to ensure rapid response times and helps to prevent errors.
Business Team Research

You cannot manage what you do not measure

We identify aggressive but realistic goals with each client.  During their engagement, each client's progress is measured to ensure timely success.

We use electronic surveys, check-ins, and discussions to be certain we're on track and to identify any issues that pop up.
Upward Curve

Feeling Better?

Understanding your condition and treatment improves outcomes

The Resource Center on this site is there to help clients learn.  
It's packed with information, videos, coaching tips, and lots of relevant content.
Please refer to it often.  We find that it helps people a lot.
You can also reach the entire Resource Center from the site menu, or by clicking on the green widget on the lower left corner of your screen with a question mark in it.
Also, text with a therapist now or at any time using the orange text widget on the lower right corner of your screen.