Are Your Emotions Controlling You?

DBT Skills Groups Can Help You Build a Life Worth Living Well!

You know those emotions that get out of control and get you into trouble?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) teaches you how to keep them in check.

We teach you skills to help you decrease intense emotions at crisis moments understand your emotions, reduce the frequency and duration of unwanted emotions, and to ask for what you want and learn to say “no”.

Sounds cool, right?

DBT is a combination of Group Therapy and Individual Therapy that will help you learn to manage your emotions. This allows you to have better relationships, handle crises when they come up, make better decisions, and keep emotions in check.

Take Back Control

With 50 years of research behind it, DBT is considered the gold standard approach for treating emotions that are out of control and ruling, or ruining, your life:

  • Emotions that spike out of control from nowhere
  • Emotions that are super intense, more than most people seem to understand
  • Emotions that seem to last forever

Our program typically reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety by half over a 6 month course of treatment!

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