Couples Therapist Bay Area

Modern society does not place the same importance on marriage as traditional societies. This development is not necessarily negative because some people do not have an innate desire to share their life and genuinely enjoy independence. However, most people who choose marriage do not want the possibility of divorce.

Divorce has a dramatic impact on the family members. The most self-serving notion about divorce is that the children will be happy if the parents have a mature and amicable split. Research shows that young children take two years to adapt to the divorce and may lose confidence in marriage's sacredness when they are adults. These reasons alone are enough to pause on divorce so we can offer a better support system.

Things to consider when choosing Bay Area marriage counselors

Avoid a neutral stance.

The most effective marriage and couples therapy in San Francisco has a realistic marriage approach and does not try too hard to offer a neutral opinion. They will look at each side’s line of dialogue and determine the best course of action to heal the marriage. Our therapists choose to intervene and communicate pressing issues that they believe will serve the entire family.

Works on sensitive issues

There is a tendency for people to dismiss small issues as part of every day hurts. A shocking number of spouses have affairs and flirt on social media and think the hookup culture fits into a marriage union. The concept of betrayal extends beyond what most of us understand, and it is the therapist’s role to add meaning to these daily emotional dismissals. The trained LGBTQ couples counselor in San Francisco CA cuts through the roadblocks with concern to help each one understand how to balance their inner turmoil and keep the peace.

Time commitment

Neuroscience studies show that people change fast when they come face to face with the heart of their problems. An example is that a couple who cannot agree on adding another child may not understand that their reasons could lie behind their psyche's deepest parts. One may want a child because they crave emotional closeness with someone else, while the other may not want a child because they fear repeating their parent’s poor parenthood mistakes.

How can you tell whether the therapist cuts through the fog to deal with the root of the crisis? They will offer more than counseling in their therapy sessions. Our couple therapist in the Bay Area has many different kinds of services, including the following:

  • Dialectical behavior therapy

  • Ketamine assisted therapy

  • Mindfulness-based psychotherapy

  • Somatic psychotherapy

  • Expressive arts therapy

Respects personal boundaries

The experienced clinician walks the fine line between personal comfort and marriage vulnerability. Our relationships therapist in San Francisco
respects each one’s decisions to gauge the survivability of the union. We strategically find ways for both partners to express their individualism to pace their progress and find new ways of dealing with each one’s stress levels.

You will not find a couples’ therapist in the Bay Area who supports marriage with the same intensity as our professional. We are a one of a kind facility that earns its reputation from our clients' success. Call (408) 508-3611 to speak to a qualified specialist about marriage counseling that works.